Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Trimming My Ends: 21.08.12

"I did a super quick trim tonight.  Even though I have no immediate plans to flat iron or roller set my hair, I also don't want to risk accelerated shedding or breakage which could be prevented by having healthier ends."

These are the steps I followed:

•   I started by lightly detangling my hair in 5 sections (2 on either side then 1 at the back). I then two strand twisted each section so it was kept out of the way.

•  Next I reached for my Caruso steam setter and my jumbo [purple] rollers. I filled the reserviour of the Caruso steam unit to the fill level using water from my shower filter head and then plugged the unit into the wall socket.

•  I then undid each of the 2 strand twists in turn, placing a a jumbo roller on each section. I left each roller on the steam setter unit for 15-20 seconds. I then added a large (red) roller to the very top of my hair at the front as it wasn't being held within a roller. 

When my hair was thinner I used to leave the rollers on the unit for 10 seconds maximum otherwise I would end up with wet hair, but now that it's getting a little thicker I can get away with leaving the roller on the unit longer and this gives a better result. 

•  I sat with the rollers in for about an hour whilst I chilled out and watched some telly. •After an hour had passed, I removed all of the rollers to find that I now had 5 x fat ringlets and 1 x rather malnourished looking one. I left my hair like this for about 45mins whilst I cooked and ate my dinner.

•  After dinner I grabbed my Carbide hair scissors and then took each curled section, smoothed it so it was straight and then snipped off the straggly ends (about a centimeter in most places). Normally I would work in smaller sections but the purpose of this trim was to get the worst of the ends off now.

This was a very simple process and as always, I already love how my hair feels after it has been reaquainted with the scissors!!

I will deal with any other bits that need addressing when I next rollerset my hair (",)

Ciao 4 Now


  1. Your ends looks great as do your curls from your caruso rollers!

  2. @Jenijen

    Awww thanks! My ends could be better but they're not too bad.

    I was so shocked at how well the curls fell after taking out the Caruso rollers. I will definitely be doing that again.

    Thanks for commenting!

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