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Wash Day Diary 09.08.12: Cowash @ 1 Week Post

"My hair was feeling a little bit dry, especially around the nape area.  As I relaxed my hair last week I should have really done a chelating / neutralizing wash but I decided on a deep condition and cowash instead as that's what I felt my hair needed."

Below are some pictures of the steps I followed:

I couldn't decide on which conditioner to use today for the dc, however after reading a recent post on Jeni's blog it reminded me about the Creme of Nature Argan Oil Conditioner packs I had purchased from Pak's a year ago.  I used one back then and thought it was okay, but nothing special  so had given one to my sister and kept the remaining one.  I decided to use this for the protein and moisture but decided to prepoo with it instead of dc'ing after washing.

My HAIR prior to cowashing.  It has definitely got longer and thickened up nicely.  The ends also look okay although I do need a trim - I will try to get to that next week.

I sectioned my hair into four and finger detangled thoroughloy.  I then prepoo'd with EVCO for 1hr then added Creme of Nature Intensive Conditioing Treatment for a further 45mins under a plastic cap and a scarf

Rinsed out the CON and then cowashed with Treseme Moisture Rich conditioner and applied Elasta QP DPR 11+ to the very ends and left on for about  5 minutes before rinsing out.  I didn't do a black tea rinse because I was all for the easy wash day this evening (like quite a few of my other recent wash days if I'm honest)!!! I then placed a TShirt on my hair to soak up the excess water.  I left this on for about 5 minutes.

After removing the TShirt I finger detangled lightly in two halves before applying my leave ins which were At One Leave In, Organix Coconut Milk Condtioner and then sealed with EVCO.  I then left for 15 minutes before applying grapeseed oil all over my hair to seal, followed by Organix Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum to the ends and the hairline before finally applying JBCO, concentrating on my hairline and nape.

This is total amount of hair I lost during this entire wash day.  I have also lost hardly any hair all week before washing. I have not combed my  hair since the day after relaxer day so to say I am impressed by the small amount of hair lost would be an UNDERSTATEMENT.  Long may it continue.  I really must start taking my supplements again and do a black tea rinse during my next wash day so as not to endure another shedding nightmare!

This is My HAIR today 11.08.12.  I have been wearing my hair in a high bun most days, although yesterday it was in a low bun and on Wednesday it was in two loose French braids

I was shocked when I saw this photo, because it seems like the longest parts of my hair are freakin APL!!!

My HAIR when wet and un-combed.  It is also not distributed evenly as I had to set up this photo on 2 second timer whilst dicing with death at the top of the stairs  (don't ask!) but anyway this is currently how long it is when it's wet but it wil be cut as I do not like straggly ends!

This is my hair when it was about 50% dry.

Now I am not about to claim it but hey, it definitely gives me something to shoot for during my next stretch which I am planning to replicate the last one i.e. lots of protective styling and keep it simple with the wash days.

I am also still totally loving the Organix Coconut Milk Conditioner as a leave in / moisturiser!  It seems to be woking well for my hair so i will be sticking with this until it no longer works.  I have restocked by purchasing a regular sized bottle.  I have topped up my small bottle and carry it in my handbag just incase I need a shot of moisture.

Ciao 4 Now



  1. Hayyyyy, you're my inspiration!

  2. Your hair is beautifully thick, and YES the longest parts of your hair are LONGER than APL!

  3. APL here you come! Good job girl!

  4. Thanks ladies!!

    I can't tell you how good it feels to be FINALLY making visible progress after being on this long journey. I have had so many setbacks over the part 2 years, with shedding in particular, and it is only now that I am seeing the results of my efforts and it feels great!

    Thanks for commenting (",)


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