Thursday, 26 July 2012

Wash Day Diary @ 16 Weeks Post: 26.07.12

"I got sick of wearing my lace unit so opted for a quick cowash so I could bun my hair for a week or until my relaxer touch up."

These are the steps I followed:

  • Pre-poo'd the day before with EVCO.
  • The following day, sectioned my hair in two halves parted down the middle.  Deep conditioned overnight with ORS Nourishing Conditioner Pak under a plastic cap and my headscarf and slept with it on my hair.
Products Used  (EVCO is in the blue jar)

  • Rinsed out the deep conditioner in the shower this morning
  • Follow up with a black tea rinse made using 5 x PG Tips tea bags.  (This made my hair feel hard as usual as I didn't leave it on for 30mins!)
  •  After leaving the tea on for about 3 mins I applied Roux Porosity Control Conditioner.  I left this on for 1minute before rinsing both the RPCC and black tea out of my hair.
  • I then cowashed with Nature's Gate Aloe Vera Conditioner, rinsed then covered my hair with a towel.
  • Lastly I applied Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioner Treatment, Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter, sealed with coconut oil followed by a little Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum and Organix Coconut Milk Serum before putting my hair in a bun and adding my curly phony pony.
That's all.....I am super hooked on easy wash days!

This time I didn't detangle my hair with a comb before washing I only detangled using my fingers before applying the deep conditioner and during the wash process in the shower.  I used a wide tooth comb lightly when styling my hair.  I lost a lot less hair this wash day than normal.  I never thought it was possible to get away with washing my hair at 16 weeks post without combing it first!!!!

Ciao 4 Now



  1. I keep telling myself I'm going to try black tea rinses...but then I don't. *sigh* Anywhooo, glad you had a good wash day!

  2. wonderful post.Never knew this, regards for letting me know.

  3. @Ebony CPrincess
    Thanks hun! It was so nice to have a relatively simple wash day with loose hair!

    You should defo try the black tea rinse. I really dislike the way it makes my hair feel if I leave it on for a short amount of time but if I leave it on for 30mins before applying my dc I LOVE THE RESULTS!!!

    Really interested to hear about your experience with it if you ever decide to give it a try.

    T (",)

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