Thursday, 14 June 2012

My HAIR On My Mind @ 10 Weeks Post

I'm still in ♥ with these kinky twists!  The lack of fuss and not having to really think about my hair is a welcome break!  Of course I am still looking after my own hair but there is only so much I can (or want) to do to it.  Unfortunately, I suppose it makes for a lack of blogging variety.

Sorry about that Ladies (".)

I am starting to think about my method for taking down the twists.  I know for sure I will have build up around my hairline.  I think this will be the case because I have been getting all kinds of happy with the JBCO and consistently oiling my hairline every-single-day.  We'll soon see if that has been a good or a bad idea!

During 'The Take Down' of previous installs I used conditioner to take down my first set of kinky twists and then used grapeseed oil to take down my second set of kinky twists.  I am thinking that this time around I will modify the oil method and really lube up my strands with a mix of grapeseed oil, hemp seed oil (and maybe a couple of drops of aloe vera juice) to make sure that my strands are smooth, supple and the cuticles are closed in order to reduce friction and therefore reduce the breakage.  I will let the oil mix sit on my hair for a few (3-4) hours or possibly overnight  before I start taking them down.  Once the sections have been taken down I will finger detangle, lightly spritz with AVJ and then detangle thoroughly with my HS Jumbo Rake comb followed by my Denman Ebonite comb to make sure I remove all the shed hair prior to deep conditioning and then washing.

I don't think there is alot I can do about the accumulated shed hairs present from 2 months of not combing my hair and I just know they will be rubbing their bulbs together with glee waiting and planning their shock tactics for me this time around, but I will have a plan of action to reduce the breakage.
During the re-tightening of my braids  I took the opportunity to detangle each section before re-braiding it.  I must say that I was impressed that I had experienced hardly any breakage or shedding which is a first for me and my hair was lovely and moisturised.  I kept thinking that I could do with another trim though so I will be doing that after my relaxer which I think will be sometime in August .

I am toying with the idea of my next install being done without splitting the sections of hair first.  This will give me a thicker result as I will have twice the amount of hair installed, therefore creating more volume.  The braids around the hairline would still be done with split sections of hair to reduce the weight on this delicate area.

I think I will give it a try as I would like to try out thicker twists .  I can definitely see this reducing the install time considerably as I will not lose time having the hassle of splitting the hair first.

I have been a little more consistent with this recently although still not brilliant.  Could do better....!

I have been trying to increase my water intake and try to drink at least 1 x large glass whilst I am work and then sip diluted cordial when I am at home.
Ciao 4 Now


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