Monday, 5 March 2012

Growth Aid: I'm Trying MN...!

"Okay, as I am all protective styled up for the foreseeable, I've decided to give MN a try.  Hopefully I will get some decent results to make up for all the hair I lost last year due to my shedding."

I made up a mixture on Friday 2nd March consisting of:

1 x tube of Daktarin (active ingredient miconazole)
1oz of Hemp Seed Oil
1oz of JBCO
10 drops of Rosemary EO
1oz Taliah Waajid Mist Bodifier

I poured all of these ingredients into an empty 4oz bottle and shook vigorously:

This is the bottle I used.  I love the nozzle on this because it's really smooth and doesn't snag my hair, also the cap interchanges with lots of other bottles that I have so I've used it alot especially when in protective styles.

I have applied the growth aid twice now, the first time was on Friday night and the second time was last night (Sunday).  The first time I applied it I put in way too much and it was running down my neck!  I had visions of having a hairy neck a bit like that bloke in the movie The Fly so washed it off quick time!  Although, I have serious doubts it would ever work that quickly (",)

This is what the mixture looks like after the MN has seperated and the oil has rises to the top.

This is the mixture when it has been shaken and is ready to apply.

I think I will continue applying every other night for the first week then every night for the second week then vice versa until it's all gone.  I prefer applying at night as I have more time.  I'm going in easy for the first week as I really don't want to get headaches from using this stuff.  So far so good, no headaches and it's not made my hair feel dry but I think the Taliah Waajid Bodifier is helping with that.

Ciao 4 Now


  1. That's great! But what is "MN"? Lol. I'm glad you could actually put something together to actually aid in growth for you hair. :) Good luck.

    Have a blessed day.

  2. Good luck. I used it a few years ago and got 1/2" in two weeks when I used it. I get that in a month. Unfortunately I didn't keep up past the two weeks because I didn't want to be in my hair all the time and I get bored easily.

    To the above poster, MN is miconazole nitrate this is the active ingredient in Monistat.

  3. @Raven J
    I'm hoping to get good results from it. I will definitely dedicate a post to it in a months time to see if I have had any progress.

    Guyanesesista commented on MN and the fact that it is the active ingredient in Monistat. We don't have Monistat in the UK but Daktarin contains the same ingredient.


  4. @Guyanesesista
    Thank you!!!

    I am only 5 days in so today will be my 3rd day of application for this week. I am really going to try to be consistent with it (consistency is always a downfall of mine!). I usually average about half an inch of growth per month so if I get a full inch I will be over the moon!

    I'll be sure to keep you updated!!!

    T (",)

  5. Hello,

    I was wondering if you still use the MN? Did you like the results?

  6. @Anonymous


    I really liked the results. I definitely noticed an increase in growth. I haven't used MN since this first experiment but I am sure I will again....probably during my slow growth winter months.

    The main reasons for not trying it since the first time are a) possible culprit to the episode of increased shedding I experienced after taking out my protective style and b) the mess of application and the faff involved and c) having to remember to apply it regularly.

    Despite a,b & c I think the extra growth was probably worth it! (",)

    Thanks for commenting.



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