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"I should really entitle this post My Trusty GHD Straighteners as I really do love these.   They are worth every penny of the £119 I paid, even if I do have a rather unconventional way of using them!"

I brought my Gold Glamour GHD set from ASOS in February 2008 and have not used another straighener (flat iron) since.  These are great!!!  They really do straighten your hair extrememly well.  I have however, always had an issue with the fact that they get incredibly hot.  As a result, I could never imagine using these in the conventional way.  My hair for as long as I can remember has always had very fine strands.  Therefore, using these straighteners at full heat is just not an option for my delicate hair.  I have always used these by turning them on and then waiting for the second set of beeps which indicates that they have reached their 'useable' heat setting. I then flick the switch to turn the straighteners off before I put those suckers anywhere near my hair!  I use them like this until the temperature cools and then I repeat the process of turning them on, waiting for the second set of beeps and then turn them off.  Initially I thought that this practice might reduce the lifespan of the GHD's but they have suffered no noticeable ill effects thus far and still work great, look great and smell great - no burning smelling grease covered straightners for me thanks!  I remember my sister laughing at me when she saw how I used them and she commented about the point of getting GHD's is because they get hot.  That's as maybe but for me the point in getting them is that they glide smoothly through my hair, don't burn my skin ever and always do a great job using my "on/off" method!!  (",)

When I brought the straighteners they were on special offer as the original selling price was £150.  I thought that the £119 I paid for them was a great deal as the straighteners alone were selling for approx £110 alone at the time and the box came with some extras which I thought was a great deal:

GHD IV styler enclosed within the brilliant gold giftbox!
GHD metallic clutch bag (heat proof for storage of the ghd)
GHD metallic coin/mirror case
GHD compact mirror
GHD creation spray 50ml
GHD thermal protector - normal to fine 50ml
GHD instructional dvd

I would definitely purchase this styling tool again  - in a heartbeat.  GHD probably now have a version where you can change the temperature but if not I will continue to use the same method using a brand new set of straighteners.
Ciao 4 Now

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