Thursday, 8 September 2011

I've Redone Some of My Twists & Changed My Moisturising Spritz

"I'm planning to go out for dinner with my sister and her friends to celebrate her 30th birthday this weekend, so I think I need to tidy up these twists a bit as both my sister and I are a little camera happy when it comes to nights out!" 

I started out thinking I would just redo the perimeter of the front of my twists but soon realised that I would need to redo a little more than I had originally planned.  In the end I redid about 3-4 rows back from the hairline and the middle section towards the crown of my head.  The twists look much better and alot tidier.  Now I'm thinking when it comes to time to take them out in two weeks I'll be thinking they don't need to come out, but I will take them out regardless so I can care for my hair properly with a thorough deep conditioning treatment with heat for a change as I haven't used heat to deep condition since having these twists in, although I have used deep conditioner on every wash day that I've had.

Unfortunately I didn't take any pics of my hair before redoing the twists on Sunday night (04.09.11) and I didn't take any when I redid it but I have just taken one today.  It is really hard to even bother with my hair at the moment whilst I am recouperating.  I will probably regret that in a months time but for now - BOTHERED???!  Nope.

One thing that was a concern when taking out the twists at the perimeter, these did seem to shed a heck of a lot more than the twists further back.   The twists further back were slightly matted (not badly and nothing a little gentle finger combing couldn't sort out) and had literally no build up.  The front however had alot more build up and the worst ones were near the temples and this is where I lost most hair.   I am hoping that this was just shed hair and not caused by tension.  I haven't put any undue tension on the front of my hair and I know that I didn't install the twists tightly so goodness knows what caused that.  I lost a small palm full sized ball of hair during the process which I am yet to photograph.  I will update this post later with a picture for my records so I can throw that ball of hair away! I am sure my mum is wondering why I am keeping it!!!!!  (",)  Well it's just so when I come to take out all of the twists I can asertain exactly how much hair I have lost in the 6 weeks of having the twists installed.

The realisation that I had build up prompted me to change my moisturising spritz from a conditioner/water based one to a water based spritz.  I now have a spray bottle of water with a couple of drops of castor oil added as that's all I thought I had available, although I think I will change up the castor oil for olive oil or just mix in a drop of that too - I dunno, I'll make up my mind later.  I now use this and prefer it to the previous spritz.

Ciao 4 Now

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