Friday, 20 May 2011

Yet Another Self-Trim #3

My sisters Carbide scissors
As a result of my excessive shedding and breakage I have been experiencing I've decided to carry out yet another self trim.  I was also motivated to do this trim/cut because the right side of my hair is significantly shorter and thinner than the left side which seems to be doing just fine.  

Everytime I wash my hair since the start of my hair journey, the right side of my hair has shedded moreso than the left which is annoying.  Along with my nape, this area was also causing me issues when I was going to a stylist for my hair care needs.  The right side was shorter and thinner for about 2-3yrs.  This is strange because the left side of my hair was always the more troublesome and was always thinner than the right side.  I think the thinness was caused by wrapping my hair on the same side night after night, in the days when I used to wrap my hair.  I think the issues I am experiencing now are a result of that long term damage and will only improve once my hair has grown out.

I was a little fed up with my hair on my birthday, so the day after I decided that it was time for the scissors to come out.

This time I used my sisters Carbide scissors which are so sharp and quite frankly amazing (so amazing that I decided to get myself a pair from this seller on Ebay!!!).  They are really fantastic scissors.

I ended up taking off about 1 inch of hair on average all over my head.  My hair feels and looks a whole lot better for doing so.
Hair trimmed this time.  Unfortunately I forgot my trusty 1 penny for size comparison

My aim is to get rid of all of my relaxed ends and just be left with texlaxed hair.  I'm really pleased to be taking this route because I would prefer to keep my hair short instead of having to deal with three different textures during my stretches and having to spend a huge amount of time detangling.  That said, I really do hope that my hair hurries up and grows during the next year.  I am almost 1year into my HHJ and although I have gained health and some thickness, the length is just the same as when I started, due to the trims I have had no choice but to perform.

C'mon, somebody hide those scissors from me!!!

Ciao 4 Now


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