Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Oh Heck, I think I've OD'd on protein!!!

After carrying out my protein treatment on Friday 13th May (perhaps I should have taken a hint with the date....!!!)

With hindsight, I think that maybe I should have opted fir a light protein treatment using Aphogee 2 Min reconstructor for 2-5mins instead of the Aphogee Two Step Treatment.

Hey Ho!

Since last week my hair has been feeling really d-r-y and hard and has been quite difficult to keep moisturised.

For now, I am trying to steer clear of all products that have protein in them and making sure I keep up with the moisture.  I won't be doing another hard protein treatment for about 6 months, I'll just keep up with my henna gloss treatments and light protein conditioning starting in about one months time.

Here's hoping that my efforts help and that disaster has been averted!

Wish me luck!


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