Saturday, 14 May 2011

Post Holiday: Aphogee Protein Treatment #3

Aphogee Two Step Treatment decanted into spray bottle for easy application
As my hair had been in braids for almost two weeks and in the hot Barbados sun for a week I thought that my hair would benefit from a hard protein treatment upon taking out my braids.

Whilst taking out my braids however, I felt that my hair was in remarkably good condition.  Despite the fact I had been experiencing significant shedding for at least 2 weeks prior to having the braids installed my hair hardly shed at all when taking out the braids and detangling.  My hair felt soft and was incredibly shiny!!!

I decided to proceed with the protein treatment as planned...Thank goodness it's time to take out these braids and get My HAIR back;

1.  Firtst I cut the braids to a safe distance away from my hair so I didn't have to spend valuable time unraveling plaits for no reason.  Then carefully cut and fully detangled each section of my hair and put the sections into two strand twists. 

2.  Next I washed my hair with Aphogee Shampoo for Damaged Hair which is a protein shampoo.

3.  After washing each section I added the Aphogee Two Step Treatment.  I always decant the required amount (or less) into a hairdressers spray bottle.  I then spray the protein treatment into my roots and then onto the lengths and ends of my hair. 

4.  After saturating my strands with the treatment, I roll each section up and secure them with a mini claw clip.

5.  Then, making sure I have a towel around my shoulders and either a towel or some paper towels in hand to mop up any drips, I then sit under the hooded dryer until the treatment has hardened and dried.

6.  Next, I rinsed out the treatment then added some Roux Porosity Control Conditioner / Corrector then deep conditioned without heat for three hours.

7.  I airdried my hair before putting my hair into bantu knots for a bantu knot out the next day.

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