Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Wash Diary Diary @ 36 Weeks Post: 02.04.14

"Two wash day posts in one day – even though they actually took place almost a month apart!"

Yesterday I finally washed my hair, a whole week later than planned.....  I always know that I need to set aside most of the evening for wash days and that time in my schedule needs to conincide with me feeling up to the task that is Washing My HAIR!

For this Wash Day I did the following:

  • Spritzed my hair with water and conditioner mix.  I used Treseme Naturals Moisturising Conditioner in the mix.
  • Finger separated, applied EVOO to my scalp and finger detangled.
  • Applied Roux Porosity Control Conditioner & Corrector to my new growth for slip.  Finger detangled again then applied ORS Replenishing Conditioner concentrating on my new growth. I then twisted the sections before placing a plastic cap on my head.
  • I deep conditioned without heat for 30mins then for a further 45 mins with heat whilst I did my mums nails.
  • After deep conditioning, I thoroughly detangled each section using my mini Denman brush (a five row brush which I modified by removing the centre row of teeth).  A lot of hair came out but which was most likely all shed hair because after detangling my hair actually felt DETANGLED smooth and felt really good!
  • I shampooed my hair using diluted Dermax Therapeutic shampoo and lathered twice to remove all the conditioner and oil from my scalp and hair – I experienced some bad build up in section 3 on the left side because I didn’t rinse that section sufficiently last time.   I noticed that after the thorough detangling, my hair didn’t feel like it was matting up no matter how much I massaged my scalp!  That Denman must have done the trick of removing ALL THE SHED hair from root to tip!!!
  • After rinsing the shampoo out, I put a towel on my head for 10-15 mins.  A
  • Afterwards I rubbed some HairVeda Ends Hydration between my palms and distributed it among the sections whilst still braided.  I repeated this with HairVeda Vatika Frosting.  I then unraveled the braids separated using my fingers and re-braided tighter in preparation for another 2-4 weeks of wig wearing.  

I am really pleased that my hair remained detangled even after shampooing twice.  Usually I am set for a 1-2hr detangling session post wash and even then my hair never ever feels as detangled and smooth as it did on this occasion.

This is the amount of hair lost during this wash day:

I am sold on using the modified Denman brush from now on as it fits in nicely to my plans for my hair….

Ciao 4 Now


  1. Woot for a deman brush that you can live with and make detangling rock! I'd love it if shared your post in my #washdayexperience linkup!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  2. @KLP

    I tried to enter the linkup but I couldn't figure out how it works.

    Maybe I can do it next wash day.



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