Saturday, 21 July 2012

Wash Day @ 15 Weeks Post: 16.07.12 ~ U Part Wig

"I did a quick wash day on Monday and have only just had the time to add it to the blog.  I decided to wash my hair whilst wearing the UPart wig as my own hair which was left out was feeling a bit dry.  I didn't fancy un-installing and then re-installing the UPart (again!) so I just cowashed both my hair and the Brazilian hair whilst still wearing the UPart wig."

I sectioned off my leave out then prepoo'd both my hair and the weave hair with coconut oil for about half hour before applying ORS Replenishing Conditioner to my hair and covering both my hair and the weave hair with a plastic bag and a headscarf ontop of that.

I applied Roux Porosity Control to my leave out for 1 minute I then cowashed my hair with ISO Tamer Conditioner and cowashed the weave hair with Herbal Essence Hello Hydration (used this up).

Ater taking the towel off my hair I applied my leave in's and then air dried slightly before blowdrying for a bit on cool.

The picture above shows the products I used.  The white stuff in the blue jar is Nutiva EVCO.  I have put some into a container as I only take out enough for 1 weeks worth of use out of the massive jar that I brought the other week.  I then put my hair into bantu knots, incorporating the weave hair.  I then covered with a scart and went to bed.

The next morning I loosened the bantu knots and wore this style to work.  I kept it like this until I got home and then blowdried out the curls.  I didn't have any problems detangling my hair and it felt super soft after deep conditioning with ORS!!!

On Wednesday evening I took off the UPart, braided the leave out in cornrows at the sides and incorporated the rest of my hair into a low bun and am now wigging it.  I will do another wash day this weekend and deep condition (preferably overnight) with ORS Replenishing Conditioner or do it on Monday instead and deep condition for 1 hr with ORS Hair Mayonaise as I plan to do my relaxer touch up next weekend.

Currently I am not suffering from any excessive dryness, breakage or shedding so I am happy.  I am really enjoying wearing my lace unit.  It was looking a bit dull (probably due to being thrown in a bag withouth brushing or combing it first!) so I deep conditioned it with EVCO and Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle and popped it in the microwave for 1 minute.  I then decided to give it an Adore colour rinse in deepest brown.  I put the whole wig in a plastic bag and then popped in back in the microwave for 1 minute.  I then air dried, blow dried and finally flat ironed.  The only products I put on the unit were cream leave in conditioners, heat protectant and finally a selection of serums.  The hair feels great and is so flowy, I don't think I will mind wearing it for another week!!

Ciao 4 Now



  1. your hair looks great! i love how your bantu knots came out :)

  2. I didn't realize you were wearing a u-part now also. you've been PS'ing most of this year, can't wait to see your growth!

  3. @Ebony CPrincess

    Do you know what, I keep forgetting that I have been PS ing for so long (on and off)! I only really do it because it's easier for me to deal with my hair when it's tucked away. I did experience some breakage on the front of my hairline from the kinky twists and the crochet braids but it's not too bad.

    I have no idea how much progress I have made this year, although I will need another trim after my relaxer touch up. I am looking forward to rocking a few buns before I put in my next set of kinky twists towards the end of summer.

    Thanks for commenting!


  4. @Jenna

    Thanks (",)

    I wasn't too happy with them in the end as the difference in texture was really noticeable to me. I think this was one of the main reasons why I decided to take the UPart off a few days later and start rocking my lace wig again.

    Thanks for commenting!


  5. Love you hair!!! Looks great blended beautifully:-)

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