Thursday, 5 July 2012

My HAIR Healthy Hair Journey: 2nd Anniversary (Part 1)

"It's pretty much a year to the day since my 1st HHJ anniversary post.  I can't believe it but I think the past year has flown past even faster than the first!  I have experienced some Hair Highs and some real Hair Lows in the past but right now I am in a good place with my hair, long may it continue!"

For me, July 2011 to July 2012 has been yet another year of learning and setbacks so far as my hair is concerned.

Super HAIR Highs

Major HAIR Lows

HAIR Discoveries

I believe that a lot of the setbacks I have had are a direct link to my health.  This time last year I was about 5 months into high dose iron treatment for severe anemia.  The anemia was so bad that my doctor was surprised that I was still able to stand, never mind be able to function normally.   At that point my normal was being extremely tired all the time and there was even talk about having a transfusion - yeah, it was that dramatic!  Now over a year on and two operations later, my iron levels have greatly improved, however my hair is still suffering from the side effects of the gradual lack of iron and the shock of surgery and anesthetic.

It's not all bad though, my hair is noticeably longer so I am retaining length which is a good plus point.  The picture below was taken in January 2012 and it looks like my hair is about 2 inches away from being APL at the longest point, I can't believe that I only noticed that fact last night!!!

Now that 6 months have passed since that picture was taken I am interested to see where I will be once I am no longer in the kinky twists later this week.  My length check will form part two of this anniversary update, and will also include a trim.

My Product Junkie Ways
Yeah, I was getting seriously out of control with my constant purchasing of products.  I have really loved the simplicity of wash days and caring for my hair whilst I have been in twists.  I still like trying new things (usually all at once which I know is not the done thing when trying new products!).  I have been really good and since I got my shedding under control in April I haven't brought anything for my hair for 3 months.  I have made two purchases in July of CHI Silk Infusion which is to replenish my stocks as I will be using this to assist with the de-install tomorrow and Nutiva EVCO, which at almost £30 for 54floz I will be sharing with mummy dearest.

Link to UK Ebay seller

I opened the jar when it arrived today and the smell of it is amazing and it tastes gorgeous, completely different to the brand I have purchased before.  I am excited to see if it gives better results and is worth the extra money!

The Blog, Facebook & A Giveaway

I now have over 60 followers of the blog and 19 Facebook likes.  I am so grateful to you all who take the time to like the Facebook page, read and also those who comment on my posts.  I think it is high time I held a give away now that I am 2 years into this journey.  I'll have to think of what to give away and keep you all informed, so watch this space!  I can tell you now, it won't be a jar of Nutiva coconut oil! (",)

I'm feeling good about my hair at the moment, but that could be because I haven't had to mess with it for almost 2 months.  Lets see if I am saying the same thing in 2 weeks time if I decide to relax at 15 weeks post - I plan on making a U-Part wig using my Brazilian weave (once I have Fray Checked those annoying shedding wefts!) so I might continue to stretch this relaxer a little longer.  I'll just wait and see and above all, continue to listen to my hair.

Ciao 4 Now



  1. 2 months? You should have some nice growth! I can't wait to see your length check!

  2. Happy Hair-Anniversary. I wish you the very best as you continue on your journey:-0

  3. @amija

    I know, I am really excited to take out the twists but at the same time a little bit worried....about the dreaded shedding and tangling! I can't believe that I haven't really missed my hair in the two months that it has been away.

    I hope my Fray Check arrives today so I can get started on my U Part over the weekend. :)

    Thanks for commenting!


  4. @SpecialK

    Thank you so much and thanks for commenting!

    I hope the next year is a more positive one (",)


  5. Happy Hair Anniversary!!! :-)

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