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Review: JORD Wood Watch ~ Zebrawood & Maple

JORD Fieldcrest watch

"Oooooohhh weeeeee, I am super excited to show you my gorgeous new JORD Wood Watch!"
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Recently I was contacted by the lovely people at JORD Wood Watches who asked whether I wanted to review one of their unique natural wood timepieces.  I jumped at the chance as I have never seen a watch like this before and the natural wood tones really appealed to me.

JORD Fieldcrest watch

The JORD watch comes beautifully packaged in a simple maple wooden box with a sliding lid with the watch delicately placed on a brown and cream toned tweed fabric pillow.  The box is the perfect place to safely store the watch.

As a charming additional touch, the watch arrived preset to GMT timezone so I did not need to adjust it before wearing it.  I thought this was a really nice finishing touch to the shipping procedure which was fast and hassle free.

JORD Fieldcrest watch

 I think I chose very well with the Fieldcrest design in Zebrawood & Maple.  It works perfectly with my favourite mahogany wood earrings.

The watch comes fitted to size, this is done by measuring your wrist and completing the sizing form.  The watch is then sent to you along with the links that were removed so you can have them refitted if required.

JORD Watch Zebawood and Maple

For many years I have not been much of a watch wearer, this is not through choice.  As a result, I have come to rely heavily on my mobile phone but I have often felt the urge to purchase a watch as I missed wearing one - nothing is as convenient as looking at your wrist when it comes to checking the time!  

However, during my searches I could never find 'that perfect watch' for me.....

JORD Fieldcrest watch Zebrawood

I am a person who changes their style as often as I change my hair, flitting from glam to casual to elegant to party girl whenever the mood takes me.  I felt that ever popular glam sparkly silver or gold toned blinged out watch was not what I was looking for - I wanted something that would fit all of the above looks and also reflect my personality.   

Well, this beautiful zebrawood and maple watch honestly feels like it has been made for me.  I love everything about it!

JORD Fieldcrest zebrawood and maple watch on wrist

This is a fantastic watch, not only is the delicate wood smell fabulous but it is beautiful to look at.  The simple design and edgy untreated wood it has been made from create a striking and unique accessory perfect for any outfit.  

In addition to this, the Fieldcrest watch is super light, I don't know of any watches this size that can rest effortlessly on a berry bush - do you?!!

JORD Fieldcrest zebrawood and maple watch

I chose the JORD Fieldcrest model in Zebrawood  & Maple.  I think this colour compliments my skintone and manicure perfectly!  

JORD Fieldcrest zebrawood and maple watch

I was tempted to get the Fieldcrest watch in Dark Sandalwood as my go to 'uniform' has always been  black clothing but I really wanted something neutral which I could work with both my massive wardrobe of dark hued clothing but also compliment warm autumnal shades along with my bright summer wardrobe, which now somehow includes a fair few neon pieces. 

JORD Fieldcrest zebrawood and maple watch outfit

JORD Fieldcrest zebrawood and maple watch on wrist

JORD Fieldcrest zebrawood and maple watch on wrist

The JORD Fieldcrest watch retails at $120 and is available to purchase from

There are many other JORD Wood Watches designs and colours to suit any style and personality.  A personal favorite of mine is the gorgeous Cora which I think looks amazing!

JORD Fieldcrest zebrawood and maple watch

I have received so many compliments when wearing this watch - it sure does get some attention.

Thank you to Little Likely Lads who kindly helped with the fabulous photography!

Ciao 4 Now

JORD: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram



  1. That watch is stunning!! Unusual but not too in your face. Great review, I'm off to look at the rest of their range!! x

    1. Thank you so much!! I love how unique the watch is, it's gorgeous!

  2. I've been a fossil girl for years and years but OMGOH this watch is absolutely gorgeous! I'm a sucker for a killer boyfriend watch!

    Thanks for sharing!

    KLP @

  3. I was too busy looking a the pictures of
    You're stunning! :-)

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