Thursday, 2 January 2014

Hiding My Hair – It’s A Long Ting!

 “I started off this now ‘long-term protective styling’ journey accidentally in summer 2013 however, it seems to be morphing into a full on ‘Hide Your Hair Challenge’!” 

When I say ‘challenge’ I use the term very loosely because I’m not finding this to be a challenge at all. It just makes my hair-life so much easier right now.

Six months ago, I just wanted to try out a different style and did so by wearing short cropped wigs as I;

a) was getting the urge to chop my own hair
b) wanted an easy styling option whilst I recovered from being ill
c) was getting fed up with seeing my hair shedding excessively all the time!

Now, I find myself a fair few months deep into an unplanned stretch with no real intention of relaxing my hair anytime soon.

I’m really not interested in transitioning to my natural hair but I can’t deny that my hair seems to be thriving – shedding, but thriving if that makes sense. My hair is growing fast and my new growth is quite manageable, strong and looks healthy.

Every time wash day comes around I take the time to assess where my hair is at and decide whether it’s time for a relaxer or not and if I can keep pressing along with doing what I’m currently doing without detriment to my hair. So far, my hair is just telling me to carry on as I am, so I’m listening.

Whilst hiding my hair I am not thinking about retaining length – keeping the hair on my head by minimizing shedding and breakage is of highest importance to me. I am not thinking about transitioning back to my natural hair. I am not thinking about stretching my relaxer by months and months, embarking on unchartered hair-territory! This is all about me being lazy with my hair and keeping things to a minimum. I think my hair just likes to be left alone so I’ll be giving it what it wants for a while, until I get bored.

So, as it currently stands:

  • I am all about hiding my hair and I’ll be doing so by wearing various wigs for the foreseeable 
  • I am increasing the length of my stretch to an as yet undetermined timescale 
  • I am just going to let my hair do what it needs/wants to do and I’ll just leave it alone with my low manipulation regimen 
  • My hair is still shedding 
  • My hair is growing 
  • My hair is still in 10 sections…. 

Ciao 4 Now 


  1. Hiding my hair has really worked for me too in the past, I also think its a great idea to try out wigs if you get the urge to chop off your hair!
    Mixed Hair

  2. @Chantelle Emily

    I hope so too!

    I'm glad I didn't my hair into a short crop - although it does need yet another good trim! :)

    Thanks for commenting.


  3. If I looked as good as you in wigs, I'd be hiding my hair too chica! Your progress is going to be sensational!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  4. I would like to say that this blog really convinced me to do it! Thanks, very good post. where to buy take down remover detangler cream


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