Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Wash Day Diary @ 4 Weeks Post: 04.09.12

"After flat ironing my hair on Friday night for an evening out with work colleagues, I decided to give my hair a well deserved co-wash even though it worked out that I wouldn't have enough time for a colour rinse to banish these pesky wisdom hairs!"

These are the steps (in pictures) which I followed during todays cowash.....

This is how I wore my hair today and a twisted quif.  This hairstyle took me approx. 2 mins to do whilst I was at work today.  I got loads of compliments today on this style which completely threw me seeing as it was so simple to do and held up with just two regular bobby pins!

My newgrowth has been making an appearance over the past two weeks.

I prepood my hair with EVCO and Vatika coconut oil which I heated to get it out of the bottle.  I applied the EVCO to the the length of my hair and applied the Vatika to my scalp and also to the length of my hair and ends.  I then covered my hair with a plastic bag and then went under my heated conditioning cap (electric) for 30 minutes.

The first picture shows my hair after taking off the plastic bag and conditioning cap.  I then split my hair into two section and jumped in the shower to cowash using Hair One Cleansing Conditioner With Olive Oil for Dry Hair.  I have decanted this product into an old Elasta DPR 11+ jar as I can't stand the pump on the Hair One product as it makes it difficult to get to the product.  Having this in a jar works way better for me, although I a) forgot I had this and b) forgot how great it makes my hair feel.  I cowashed once and then deep conditioned for 10 mins with KeraCare Humecto underneath a plastic bag whilst in the shower.  I then rinsed using my shower filter head.

I then covered my hair with a towel for 10 mins before adding my leave ins which were Giovanni Direct Leave In, CHI Keratin Mist (only to the very ends of my hair), Bee Mine Dejas Hair Milk, Keracare Oil Moisturiser, CHI Silk Infusion followed by a little Organix Coconut Milk Serum to the very ends.  I haven't detangled yet, but so far I have lost very little hair - the last picutre shows the amount of hair I have lost during the wash day process - minus detangling but I dobut I will lose much more as my hair is pretty much tangle free at the moment as you can see from the first two pictures.  I am currently 1 hour into airdrying and about to lightly finger detangle and put my hair into a loose bun and jump into bed.

I mentioned above than I used Keracare Oil Moisturiser.  This is a  product which I have had in my stash and haven't used since the begining of my HHJ.  All I can say is that although this product has mineral oil in it, my hair FREAKIN' LOVES THIS STUFF!!!  I have been using this again since last Thursday and I'm telling you my breakage and shedding has all but stopped in it's tracks.  My hair feels so different to how it has felt at any other time during this HHJ.  It feels incredibly soft - including the under processed areas and has remained tangle free for days.  I'm telling you, my hair hasn't felt this good i.e moisturised, since I started this journey.  This oil moisturiser has worked for me whilst my hair was straight since last Thursday / Friday and air drying today my hair feels really good right about now.

I can't believe I have overlooked this product for so long....just because it has a 'bad' ingredient. I have been searching high and low for the perfect moisturiser and deep conditioner but it seems that these may have been right in front of me the whole time.  My hair has always loved this product (and all the other Keracare products) - although I have to be sure to use with a light hand and now I always use a water based moisturiser before applying this oil moisturiser.

Ciao 4 Now



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. *typo on the previous comment*

    Looove your updo!

  3. @Jenijen

    Thanks Jeni! I've really enjoyed switching things up and steering away from buns for the past few days. My hair is back in a trusty bun today though and feels super soft which is a more than welcome feeling. (",)

    Thanks for commenting!


  4. That updo is GORGEOUS Tama!!! Your hair is so shiny and healthy looking!! And, only 2 bobby pins?!?! That's it?? I swear, it's the impromptu styles that are always the best!!! So pretty!!


    (p.s. You know that you have my inner PJ twitching over the KeraCare now;/!)

  5. @hairscapades

    Thanks Shelli!

    Yes, only 2 pins. In updos my hair has always been pretty cooperative and stays standing up so I just need to secure the ends. The first pin is positioned at the crown after loosely twisting my hair from nape to crown. I then scoop up the front and sides. Lightly twist, roll the ends into the previously pinned section and use the second pin to make sure the front section has a sideways direction to it and is secure. That's it!!! (",)

    I'm really impressed with the Keracare oil moisturiser, I used it for many years pre HHJ then stopped. My hair has felt so good this week an I only use a little so my hair is not greasy.

    Thanks for commenting!


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