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Let's Twist Again...Like I Did Last Summer! - 19.09.12

"Finally, I have the time to install my fourth set of kinky twists.  Luckily as my sister has just had a bouncing baby boy this week I had some time booked off work which meant I had more than enough time to get around to this install, and split it over a number of days!"

I installed my first ever set of kinky twists in August 2011, hence the title of this post....which is down to my boyfriend as he came up with the name!

Below are the steps I followed, with a few pictures

This was the starting point for my hair on Friday.  I started the install on Wednesday evening, by installing two rows of twists which took me 1 hour to install.

This is the brand of hair I used.  I was impressed that I got about 32-34 sections of hair in each pack and when split in two it means that I got enough for around 128 braids out of each pack!  Once again, I did a vinegar rinse on the extension hair  (two and a half packs in total) by filling the sink with hot water from the tap, I then put about half a bottle of malt vinegar (it's all I had) into the water and left it to soak for 45 mins.  I then rinsed, refilled the sink with warm water with a huge squirt of Ion Tamer Conditioner and left to soak for 20 mins before rinsing the hair and airdrying.
The next morning I installed another row, which took me to ear height and then sectioned my hair into a front/top section and a high back/crown area to keep the hair neatly out of the way and also so I could get the partings neat.  I then installed twists throughout these sections.  I worked in shifts, Wednesday: on the nape area (1hr), Thursday:  on the back (3hrs) then the lower sides (1hr) and then the top (2hrs).  Friday: I left the last 4 rows at the top until the following morning (2hrs) so all together this install took me 9hrs.

End result!  Overall I think this install is  less dense than my previous install(s).  Luckily I don't mind it so much as I am wearing the hair down or in a low pony tail, otherwise I would be contemplating putting in more hair - which I still might decide to do. 

This time I used the Afro Twist Braid Hair by Aftress instead of the Sensationail brand which I have used in the past.  I really like the texture of the Aftress brand (despite being hesitant to purchase it but it was all they had in the BSS at the time!).  I noticed that this brand is much easier to split in two than the Sensational brand.  Lesson Learned:  Next time I install this hair I will not split the strands as I need to stretch pretty much every strand that I install in order for it to be long enough to cover my own hair all the way to the very ends.  This stretching thins out the hair that is installed so there is no need to split each one before hand.

I think I will head to the BSS to buy another couple of packs of this hair ready in advance for my next install as I am thinking that I will protective style in kinky twists for the next 4-6 months straight without relaxing in between as I am totally not feeling detangling my hair week on week or long wash days for quite some time.  Besides, I have been gettting some great length retention when I have kinky twists or crochet braids, so I'll just keep putting them in for now until I get bored!

Ciao 4 Now



  1. Your twists came out great!

  2. They are very pretty. I'd love to have you do mine lol.

  3. @Jenna

    Thank you! I wish I had put more hair in though, although the upside is that I have not stuck to my go-to kinky twist high bun for the entire duration of this install. It has worked out great for my edges as there is less stress on them when I wear the twists down or in a low bun!!!

  4. @Ghanaian Emprezz

    Thank you! I'd be more than happy to do yours if you live close by (",)

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