Saturday, 5 January 2013

Happy New Year & My New Year Clip In's


"I know it's late but..... I really hope you all had a great Christmas and that 2013 is a fantastic year for you, your family and those closest to you!"

I finally made another set of clip ins on 21st December to wear to my works Christmas Party and also to wear on New Years Eve.   My last set lasted 5+ years but I felt that the the hair was a little past its best after such a long time.  It is also a different colour to my hair now which is 1b as I apply a colour rinse using Adore Darkest Brown.

My new clip in extensions!!!  I love them, they blend sooooo well with my hair.
Same night, I changed my dress so I didn't get glitter all over the house!  I took out the extensions and moisturised and sealed my hair throroughly before going to bed!

This is the brand of hair I used.

I used Coco Collection Yaki Perm hair in 18 inch as the texture of this hair blended best with my own texlaxed hair.  I would have created a picture tutorial of how to make the extension but seeing as I made this set in less than 45 minutes (whilst I was supposed to be getting ready for my Christmas Do!!!) I didn't have the time to stop and take photos.

I have five tracks at the back (two of them come around the sides), I have one track at the crown and two small tracks for the sides.  I feel this gives me a natural look as it's not at all bulky and looks to be the same density as my own hair.

Once installed I shaped the extenstions slightly, hanging my head forward and using a razor comb.  I would have prefered the hair to be shorter but the shop where I brought the hair only had 18 inches available.  They even gave me a small discount of about £4 for not having the shorter length and asked me to call them back with a review of the hair as it's a new line they have purchased.

So far the hair is good, it has a natural luster, it's not tangling at all  and it's not shedding.  The real test will come when I wash it in future.

Ciao 4 Now


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