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Wig Review: Introducing 'The Blow Dry Unit' by Toni Daley

"Recently I had the exciting opportunity to add another fabulous Toni Daley Unit to my collection!"

The super talented and gorgeous Toni Daley from reached out to me regarding her brand new Blow Dry Half Wig!  I was so excited when Toni asked if I would like to review this latest addition to her fabulous collection of units.  

Like the Toni, Gabrielle and Big Chop, the Blow Dry unit is a half wig intended to be worn with some of your own hair left out and after watching Toni's YouTube video I instantly jumped at the chance to review the unit and said a very excited "yes"!

I ordered the unit in 1B and waited patiently for it to arrive.  True to form, the package arrived from Canada in just over a week and my excitement about the unit grew - I couldn't wait to get it on my head!  

Each one of Toni's units arrives with beautiful free gifts and at the moment the gifts are a tube wrap for your hair and a beautiful pair of Toni Daley earrings!

The unit came boxed in a plain white box which is absolutely perfect for shipping.  The box has the name of the unit on the side so you can see at a glance what is inside the box which is great if like me, you have more than one in your collection.

My free gifts this time, were a pretty headwrap with a 70's inspired print and a gorgeous pair of animal print wooden earrings.

The Blow Dry unit has two combs, one in the front and one in the back and it also has adjustable straps in the back for a nice secure fit.  When I wear my units I only secure the comb at the front as I can't imagine that my nape would thank me for sticking combs into it.  

I really like that the combs in Toni's units are small in length, smooth so they don't snag on my hair and slide easily into my hair which may or may not have been perfectly detangled ;)

I placed the Blow Dry Unit on my head securing it with the front comb and then I pull down the back section to cover my cap which I always wear underneath my units.  I then unpinned my leave out which I had lightly blow dried earlier.  I don't often blow dry my natural hair as I choose not to use heat often, but I think this unit will have me changing I will be wearing this unit alot!


All it takes is a simple comb through to blend my natural blown out hair with the Toni Daley Blow Dry Unit.

I combed through my hair to help blend the two textures together.  My hair was only lightly blow dried and it still managed to blend together well, especially when later I tucked away some of the leave out so I had less to blend.

The Full & The Fabulous!

And here is how the unit looked on my head straight out of the box.  I absolutely LOVE IT!!  

My own hair is actually longer than this unit but oh how I wish my hair looked this full when blow dried.  Alas, genetics have dictated that I have super fine hair which needs a little help.

Gotta make that unit work with your face!

Over the years, I have gained a little experience with my units - enough to know that sometimes you can benefit from reaching for the scissors/shears to encourage your unit to frame your face perfectly.

I appreciate that this can be a little daunting when working with a straight unit so if you do trim your units, I definitely recommend taking it slowly to ensure you don't cut too much by mistake cos it won't grow back!

This is the total amount of hair that I snipped from the Blow Dry Unit

The good thing with the Blow Dry Unit is that cutting is not essential so if you're not so confident at doing this you can skip it and wear the unit straight out of the box. 

This is how the unit looked after cutting and leaving a little less leave out.  The blending is seamless!

As mentioned earlier, the unit is shipped with a pair of gorgeous Toni Daley wooden earrings.  I am a huge fan of wooden jewelry and I have purchased a fair few pairs from Toni's site in the past taking advantage of her shipping promotions.   I love how individual these statement pieces are and wood jewelry is hands down my go-to for the weekend.

The Blow Dry Unit is super easy to pin back from the face for an office friendly every day look!  The earrings sent with my unit work perfectly with this hair both when pinned up or let loose in all it's fierce glory.

I love the shape of the Toni Daley Blow Dry Unit, it is very flattering  and modern.  The density is perfect and the luster of the hair matches my own hair very well.  

I kinda feel like I am cheating on my original Toni Unit when I say this, buuuuuuut I think this unit will become my go to, especially for the summer months which are fast approaching.   I intend to wear it just like this, just full and fabulous with either a centre or side parting.

The Blow Dry Unit can be purchased from and is currently on special offer for just $44 + shipping.

This unit is available in 1 (Jet Black), 1B (Natural Black) and 2 (Darkest Brown)

This is a really good price for a very well made unit which will last you for ages as I have found with my Toni and Big Chop units, they just get better as they age!


Ciao 4 Now



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