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Wash Day Diary: 09.12.13 @ 20 Weeks Post

"So, wash day was supposed to be on Sunday 8th, but true to form - I really didn't feel like doing it, I just wanted to relax!!!  This probably sounds very lazy but I have learnt the hard way in the past to not mess with my hair when I'm not feeling it or if I'm tired - OR BOTH!"

Since using the prescribed 'Wonder Shampoo' on my last wash day, my hair has felt great!  It's really moisturised and soft so I fgured I would follow pretty much the same steps and [GASP] use the exact same products in a row for a change.

These are the steps I folowed:

I used the exact same prodcuts two wash days in a row.

I started off by finger detangling my hair, coating my fingertips with sunflower oil and massaging into my scalp and then down the length of my hair and ends.

Deep Conditioning - Protein
I warmed some ORS Hair Mayonaise (it was cold on wash day, so I warmed the conditioner in the microwave for a few seconds) so it was more comfortable on my scalp.  Also, warming the deep conditioner kick starts it into action.  After doing the usual section by section routine of covering with conditioner and then detangling with my HS Jumbo Rake comb I sat under the steamer for 15 minutes with my ends pinned to the top of my head.

Rinsing & Shampooing
I didn't add very much oil to the conditioner this time because the addition of oil makes it tricky to rinse out when my hair is in sections and I don't have time to be rinsing my hair for an hour!  I rinsed each section concentrating on the scalp area then applied some diluted Dermax shampoo and massaged in before rinsing out. I've run out of this so I need to make sure I get my prescription refilled this week.

Deep Condition - Moisture
I applied a small amount of diluted KeraCare Humecto to my hair whilst I finished up in the shower then rinsed off.  Simple!  I covered my hair with a towel for an hour before I adding leave ins and detangling.

Finishing Up
I added the same leave in conditioner, oil and serum as last week.  I noticed that had more tangles in section 1 than I did the previous wash day.  The hair in that section was being a right pain in the arse all tangling up on it's coily self!   I was giving it the side eye with the reflection of the scissors magically conjuring up within my pupils.  I was so close to chopping....  Luckily, the other sections behaved well though with no 'Super Tangles' which I am pleased about. 

I lost a moderate amount of hair.  I'm not worried by it especially when I think that my hair has not been washed for two weeks.  I did a mini detangle last week and kept the shed hair.  When compared to the hair lost on wash day it's nothing and all of the hair photographed is every bit of hair that I lost during the two week period.

This is the total amount of hair lost during wash day.

This is the hair lost between wash days.  The amount on the left is from when I went through the twists to heaviliy remoisturise, finger detangle and retwist.  The amount on the right is from the two sections at the back two days prior to wash day when I retwisted.

After moisturising my hair I covered with a scarf and called it a night then wore my 'Zelda' unit to work for the week.

This is 'Zelda'.  She has seen better days and needs to be retired.

I've also been rocking 'Drew' and I love her!!!

One thing I am super excited about is that my new wigs from RPG Show and OWigs arrived this week!!!  There will be a review of these coming soon..... 

I also purchased a synthetic unit fromn Elevate Styles called UBA by 21tress.  The wig is amazing and is looooooong!  I will definitely be rocking the synthetic wig for my Christmas do - and posting pictures hopefully (",)

Here is a great review by the stunning Fabulousityisme which had me dropping this unit in my cart on Black Friday!

Ciao 4 Now


  1. Drew looks sooo good on you! How do you like the Organix Coconut Milk Serum?

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  2. @KLP


    Thank you so much! I do love Drew. I really need to edit the photos and get that review up....!

    I really do rate Organix Coconut Milk Serum. I used it mostly on my ends and on my edges and I do think it haults breakage but I have to be careful not to use to much because of the protein. I also really like the slip it gives during detangling after wash days.

    It's definintely a product that I always have to have in my stash. I'm so happy that it's easy to find in our high street drugstore Boots :)

    Thanks for commenting!



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