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Relaxer Day # 7: 19.12.12

"My newgrowth has been feeling incredibly soft and manageable this week!  I don’t know whether this is just due to the Wild Growth Oil that I have been using on my newgrowth, or if it is from my recent conditioning cap avec steamer experiment but it really doesn't feel like MY HAIR. Either way, these two things will form a regular part of my hair regimen once my newgrowth starts popping up to say "Hey!".

Despite the fact that my hair has been realy soft, I decided to relax my hair as quite frankly, I couldn't face the prospect of another wash day dealing with tangles and a mass of newgrowth.  Even though this stretch was only 19 weeks long, it felt like I had almost the same amount of new growth as I did during my 27 week stretch last year!

I used the half and half method to relax my hair.  This time I parted my hair from side to side. I alternate between parting side to side or front to nape so as not to start the relaxer process in the same section everytime as this can cause breakage/thinning due to over processing the same area time and time again.

1. Finger detangled as my hair has not seen a comb since my last wash day, then I two strand twisted my detangled hair in eight sections. It was much easier than usual as my roots were softer. I lost less hair

2.   Applied Affirm FiberGuard Preservo and Roux Porosity Control to the entire length of my hair, including the new growth. I followed up by adding my Profectiv Mega Growth Oil and Silk Amino Acid powder mix to my previously relaxed hair and I concentrated on my ends. I then split each one of the sections into one inch sections using a roller clip to keep the sections separate – in order to minimise tangles I didn’t twist the sections, I only clipped them.

3.  I based my scalp and hairline with Motions Pre Chemical Scalp Protector, using my fingers rather to apply the product, rather than the nozzle so I could have more control over the amount I applied. I then covered the back sections with a plastic conditioning cap so I could relax the front first.

4. I applied the relaxer Affirm FiberGuard Normal Strength Lye Relaxer starting in the middle, working on one inch sections starting at the top on both sides and then moving down line by line alternating each side as I went. 

The reason I do it like this now is because there have been times that I have ended up with the hair on one side of the front, being less processed than the other side and it is ususally most notable on my temples, [the sections in front of my ears] and also near my edges right above my eyes.

This image shows how I apply the  relaxer in sections.  The top of the oval shape represents the back section and the bottom of the oval represents the front of my head.   For the front, I apply the relaxer to the the areas marked with a 1 first, as this is the most resistant and thickest area.  The area marke with a 5  (which is located in front of my ears) is where I apply the relaxer last as the hair hair is coarser but fine so is least resistant.  I apply relaxer to each section 1, 2. , 4 and then 5.  I then go back through the whole lot systematicaly, starting at section 1's and apply more relaxer if necessary and smooth before  combining the whole lot and smoothing  until the time has elapsed.

I covered the new growth liberally with relaxer both on the top and bottom of each section and made sure I overlapped just enough so as not to have a section of un-processed hair (lesson learned from my 27 week stretch!!!).  

5.  I thoroughly rinsed out the front section of my hair, after rinsing, I change the cap on the back to make sure I am wearing a clean cap with no relaxer.  I then rinse again before applying Affirm FiberGuard Sustenance, a protein conditioner which is part of the relaxer system, which is left on the hair for 5 minutes.  At this point I already had some tangles.  I then rinsed out the Sustenance and shampoo'd twice with Affirm FiberGuard Normalizing Shampoo.  I then clipped up my hair, removed the plastic cap from the back section of my hair, checked the part between my relaxed hair and non-relaxed hair for traces of water or relaxer.  

I then covered the front section with a clean plastic cap and repeated the relaxer process on the back of my hair.

6.  After shampooing the back section I combined both front and back sections of hair and shampoo'd twice with ORS Creamy Aloe shampoo which is both neutralising and chelating.  I then applied Roux Porosity Control which I left on for 5 minutes before rinsing. 

7.  At this point, I was going to apply the Adore colour rinse but I decided to cover my hair with a towel and set about tackling the mass of tangles!  I started at the nape (section 5) which is always the least tangled.  However, after doing this section with no product I decided it would be a good idea to enlist the assistance of Mane 'n' Tail Detangler.  It worked perfectly at melting the tangles which were really bad (I hate washing my hair when it is not in sections - I think I say that every relaxer day!  It doesn't help that I rinse out my relaxer over the bath with a shower attachement.), with the help of the detangler I whizzed through those tangles in less than 10 minutes.

8.  Next I lightly shampoo'd the length of my hair to remove the Mane 'n' Tail Detangler prior to towel blotting and adding the Adore Rinse in Darkest Brown.  I covered my hair with a plastic cap and sat under my hooded dryer for 30 minutes before shampooing out with KeraCare Moisturising Shampoo for Colour Treated Hair.  

9.  I then deep conditioned under my hooded dryer with KeraCare Humecto for 15 minutes.  My hair felt incredibly soft!  I then rinsed and put a towel on my hair.  After 5 minutes I applied Giovanni Direct Leave In Conditioner, Elasta QP H Two Leave In Conditioner, Organix Coconut Milk Serum and Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum before combing my hair all downwards and then sat under my hooded dryer for 15 minutes as I didn't fancy going to bed with wet hair on my scalp.  I then applied Mashooq Oil and combed before putting my scarf on and finally jumped into bed.

Mashooq hair oil.  I have had this oil for years now, way before I embarked on my HHJ. I remember this cost me £14 for a small bottle, which back then I thought was pretty hefty although now that price range is pretty much par for the course!  This oil is and has always been great on my hair.  It is a light all (when used in moderation) and it makes my hair feel really soft.

I apologise for the lack of photos for this relaxer day, but as I started the process at 7.30pm (after working a full day in the office) and finished around 3am I really wasn't up to photography, just as well, probably just aswell eeing as I didn't have my camera!

Ciao 4 Now



  1. Great post!
    I love the illustration too

  2. Hey Tama LOVE the blog! ( p.s. im a reader from nairobi so you can bet that your a real influence Worldwide!) could you please do a length check for us? sorry i know its not always about length but im so anxious to see your progress! :)

  3. I currently use herbal essences hello hydration
    but I need slip I really do and this just doesnt give slip

    What conditioner do u suggest that has slip without silicon?.

    I wonder if it’s at all possible to have slip in a product without silicon?

    Someone should invent something lol
    I am based in the UK

  4. @ContactLucy Lu

    Hiya (",)

    I used to use Hello Hydration but decided to stop buying it because I had soooo many conditioners. I found Treseme better for my hair and great value for money.

    In terms of slip, it's been the holy grail for me. Most of the conditioners I have used have not been very forthcoming in terms of slip. The best I have tried is Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing Conditioner which is a deep conditioner.

    A conditioner and I don't think it contains silicones and has great slip is Giovanni Smooth As Silk Conditioner. Giovanni make great products which contain organic ingredients. I've tried four products from the range and like them all. This site sells Giovanni and they always have them at discounted prices! Worth taking a look.

    Alternatively, Roux Porosity Control Conditioner & Corrector always provides me with great slip when I mix it in with my deep conditioners.

    Thanks for commenting!


  5. @Anonymous

    Hi There (",)

    Thanks for commenting - and from so far away! It's great to hear that my blog is reaching so far across the seas!

    I am planning to post a quick length check/comparison post in the next few days. It's not an official length check as I do these annually so I don't focus too much on length, however I took a few quick snaps last week after I flat ironed my hair so I think I will put them in a post.

    Ciao 4 Now


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