Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Welcome to Simply Into My HAIR - NATURALS

Hi there! You might see my face popping up from time to time on here so I thought I really should introduce myself in case you started to think Simply into My Hair had been hijacked! I am Tracey's little sister Carissa. I have recently decided to try and grow the relaxer out of my hair to get back to my natural texture with the least amount of breakage as possible. Tracey has kindly given me this spot on her fabulous blog to share my hair journey with you all and I am super duper excited (super duper?!! I don't actually talk like that!)

Simply into my hair Naturals

About me
I'm a 80's vintage loving chick with two gorgeous little lads (if I must say so myself!) I write another blog called Little Likely Lads its a fashion and lifestyle parenting blog focused around keeping life affordable and grabbing bargains. I love photography obsessed even, so my posts will always be 'hold the text and heavy on the photos'!

I spend my time looking after my sons and we love a day out or two or three or pretty much every day! I believe life is for living and I try to ensure my family see's and enjoys as much of it as we can. Although I do try to look my best I am a low maintenance kinda gal and hate fussing, I don't really have the time. If i'm having a bad hair day I will do the infamous Victorian Rolls, pin it up in a messy up do with spin pins and pretend it was deliberate or wear a hat! I own lots of vintage hats!!

Previously I never had a hair routine, knew what a co-wash was, thought henna was just for pretty Indian tattoos, tea bags were to make pots of tea and eggs were for eating! So yes I'm a novice but with the help from my sis and a bit of trial and error I am sure I will learn quickly! The Naturals section of Simply into My Hair will be where I record and share my hair journey back to my natural texture, my ups and down and my failures and triumphs.

I hope you enjoy my little spot on Simply Into My Hair -Naturals and if you want to comment please do, I always love to hear what you have to say and will do my best to reply to all.

Bye for now

Love Carissa x



  1. Welcome Carissa! I can't wait to hear more from you!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  2. @KLP

    Thank you!! I will be posting my first 'official' Naturals post tomorrow. x


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